WIN Super-X .22 Long Rifle Subsonic 40 Grain Lead Hollow Point Truncated Cone 50 rounds

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WIN Super-X .22 Long Rifle Subsonic 40 Grain Lead Hollow Point Truncated Cone  
Super-X Subsonic Rimfire  
Quiet and effective at low speeds for pests and small game. 1065 feet per second velocity.  
.22 Long Rifle  
Caliber-Gauge .22 LONG RIFLE
Specific Caliber .22 LR
Bullet Style Lead Hollow Point TC
Bullet Weight 40 gr.
Quantity per Box 50

1 Review

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    Excellent accuracy in bolt action

    Posted by Charles on 11th Feb 2016

    I have a .22 LR bolt action that is constructed like a big game rifle.
    The action is glass bedded, the barrel is free-floated, it has an excellent trigger that I adjusted to a safe two-pound pull, and the stock fits my body. Subsonic or standard velocity ammunition always produced tight groups in this gun. However, they tend to not work self-loading (automatic) actions reliably, often producing jams. If you have an automatic that will function reliably with subsonic loads, you should try this load.

    In the last two days I have experimentally worked out the trajectory (how many clicks up or down in five-yard increments) from 10 yards to 100. Any wind tends to affect it greatly at 100 yards, but 7-8 mph wind does not bother this load much from 10 to 95 yards. My last group of the day when I still had about 4-5 mph wind measured 1.08 inches for a three-shot group at 95 yards! Groups were tight at all other distances.

    I have a 4-12X42mm Sightron SI scope with an adjustable objective and target style, external turrets. The turrets on this scope are a little mushy, but it tracks good at 4 clicks per MOA, like advertised. I even tested its tracking at 11 MOAs of elevation and windage and it was perfect. Granted, I was using sand bags on the front and rear to stabilize the gun so I could work out its trajectory.

    The twist rate in my gun is 1 turn in 12.5 inches. I don't know if this twist rate contributes to exceptional accuracy with subsonic and standard velocity loads, but it certainly does not hurt.

    Last year, I killed 32 squirrels from my four-acre country home place to protect fruit trees and corn. All were killed with a 38 grain Agila Subsonic Hollow Points. Five were one-shot kills at 83 - 92 yards. I am certain that this Winchester Subsonic Hollow Point load will do just as good, if not better, since the energy is more. If you have a bolt action rifle, treat yourself and try this load or a similar subsonic hollow point.

    I was, however, saddened to see "Made in Australia" on the box. Why is this cartridge not made in the USA?

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