How to Purchase a Firearm Online

                                                                     How To Purchase a Firearm Online:

Step 1:

1. Please verify the Firearm is legal in your state.
You can do this by checking your state’s particular rules or simply ask a local gun dealer. Each state’s rules vary and some states restrict not only who may purchase and possess a handgun, but what particular models are permitted for such possession within that state.

Step 2:

2. If the firearm is legal in your state then you can make your purchase online.

Step 3:

3. Once, you have made your purchase contact your local FFL Dealer and have them Fax (603-974-2641) or email their FFL to FFL@VIZARDSGUNS.COM. Please have your Customer Order # (which you will find on the top right hand corner of your invoice after you purchased your firearm) and your Name on the FFL. Please note, if we do not receive the ffl license within 4 business days then your order is subject to cancellation

Step 4:

4. Once the FFL has been received from your dealer, your firearm typically will ship within 2 business days.

Step 5:

5. Once your firearm ships you will receive an email with the tracking information and you can track your package online.
6. Once your firearm is received at your local ffl dealer, please inspect the firearm thoroughly to verify you have received what your ordered with the correct serial number and product. Once, you do a gun background check with your local dealer and accept the firearm for the transfer then you accept all terms and agreement with us on that the product and are acknowledging you have received exactly what was ordered. There will be no returns or exchanges once this background check has been performed.

If you need any assistance please contact us.

Thank you for your business.