CASH For Guns



1: Email us pictures and a description of the firearm you want to trade in for cash. Please make sure you put in your asking price for the trade-in. Please send the email to FFL@VIZARDSGUNS.COM.

2: If you accept our offer, then we will send you a prepaid shipping label. If you need a FedEx pickup at your residence please advise us of this when we send you the label. Please send a copy of your Driver's License or State ID along with your phone number for our A&D books.

3: We will create you an order number for your trade-in.

4: Once we receive the firearm, we will inspect and verify the firearm within 24 business hours to verify they match the images and information you provided previously.

5: We will mail you payment in the form of a check or store credit immediately once it has been verified and send you the tracking information.

If you are a local customer to the Plaistow, NH store you are welcome to bring your firearms in for a trade-in quote.

Thank you for considering us for your trade-ins.

Please contact one of our trusted expert staff at 603-974-2639.

All firearms must be legally owned and pass a Serial Number cross-check. A valid Government issued ID is required. No modern muzzleloaders, black powder or airguns.