.224 Valkyrie Ammunition For Sale!

The 224 Valkyrie is built to defeat wind drift and drop, and the 60-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint maximizes these built-in ballistics with a sleek, thin-jacket, polymer-tipped bullet. Its explosive expansion provides a violent energy release on impact for quick kills on varmints and predators.

What ammo does a 224 Valkyrie use?

22 Nosler, while still being compatible with modern sporting rifles (MSRs). 224 Valkyrie uses the same bullet diameter as 5.56×45mm NATO and a necked down larger case from the 6.8 SPC allowing for heavier bullets and higher muzzle velocity.

Is 223 and 224 the same bullet?
The difference between 223 and 224 Valkyrie is their effective range and the bullet weights they fire. The 224 Valkyrie was designed to shoot heavier bullets up to 1,300 yards while the 223 excels at firing lighter bullets at ranges at or below 800 yards.
Can 224 Valkyrie shoot 223?
224 Valk, you'll need a new barrel (preferably a 24-inch barrel with a 1:6.5 or 1:7 twist rate) and a 6.8 SPC bolt. While you might be able to get your old . 223 mag to work, it could cause feeding issues.
Can I use a 556 mag for 224 Valkyrie?
Technically, you could use 5.56 magazines with the . 224 Valkyrie rounds, albeit you might be able to fit and fire around 4 rounds before you run into feeding issues. You can also try 6.8 SPC Magazines, which will most likely work better thanks to a more compatible magazine geometry.